12 de juny

Good morning guys!

The course is about to end and what better way to do it than... with a Kahoot! I know you guys love it :D

You only need to click in the link down below and answer the 10 questions. You DO NOT need to send us your results to our e-mail, the application will save your results and tell us!

This is the link:

Enllaç Kahoot

Sebas and I hope you have a wonderful Summer :D

See you soon!


30 de maig

Good afternoon guys!

Sebas and I hope you are all doing great, we can't wait to see you!

Here you have some homework for this week, try to send it back before the 6th of June :D

Have a nice week!


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18 de maig

Hello guys!
Here you have a listening activity to do for this week. Try to send your answers before the 25th of May!

Instruccions: Escolta l’àudio i tracta de contestar les preguntes. Pots escoltar la gravació tantes vegades com necessitis. Al final del full tens el text escrit del que has escoltat. És molt important que no el miris si no t’és estrictament necessari! :D 

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Escoltar àudio

5 de maig

Hello guys!

How is everything going? I hope you are all doing great! Sebas and I are correcting your homework and you are doing very well! Here is some reading comprehension for this week :D

Read the text a couple of times before you answer the questions. If there is a word you don't understand you can always search their meaning on the internet. I suggest!

Try to send it before the 12th of May :)

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21 d'abril

Hello guys! Sebas and I hope you're fine. Here you have some homework to do to continue practicing the present continuous and action verbs. Remember how the present continuous is done before you start writing!

Present continuous: TO BE (am, is, are) + VERB + -ing.

You need to do it and send it before the 27th of April, so let's start working!

Have a nice week :)


3 d'abril

Aquí teniu uns deures que heu de fer i enviar al correu del muntibloc. Teniu temps fins el 17 d'abril


23 de març

Hello boys and girls!

Sebas and I have some games to share with you for these days. We hope you have as much fun with them as when you are in IT class! Don’t forget to do some practice from time to time :)

Vocabulary review

- Have a look at the topics of food, jobs and clothes.

Telling time

Action verbs and present simple and continuous

Prepositions of place

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